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Why buy physical silver, gold and platinum?

Why buy physical precious metals?

In the history of money there have been around 600 different paper money systems, not a single one of which has survived. The vast majority of all previous paper currencies ended up being worthless. If you think this only applies to developing countries, you are wrong. Throughout history, not a single country has been spared the collapse of its fiat currency.

High government debt and constant new borrowing are almost always to blame for the demise of paper currencies. Thirty years ago it was about millions (D-Mark), that was seen as a lot of money. Later it was already about billions (euro) and that was also seen as a lot of money. Today, trillions can be heard in everyday parlance, especially from politicians. Then, in the next step, trillions become more and more affable. Global national debt has been rising for a long time and, above all, faster and faster, and politicians see themselves as heroes when new debt no longer increases under their leadership. Practically all countries in the world are in debt as high as never before in history and the global debt is increasing inexorably. In the financial crisis of 2008, our global financial system was on the verge of collapse for the first time and most people know nothing about it. Some of the big insurance companies, banks and industrial companies were on the verge of bankruptcy due to extremely high debts and could only be saved by newly created money. The companies and the financial system survived, but the national debt of the US and other countries rose significantly. In Europe, too, governments have had to provide financial support to many large banks, insurance companies and other companies. At that time, the companies were rescued by the countries. But today it is the countries themselves that are building up more and more debt. Only 5 years after the financial crisis, the global public debt was about 40% higher than in 2007, just before the financial crisis.

How long do you think increasing global debt can go on?

Who do you think will save the countries when the time comes?

Are you prepared for a really big financial crisis?

What are you doing to avoid losing your prosperity in the next crisis?

The collapse of paper money systems almost always happened very quickly and the vast majority of people have always been taken by surprise. In such a major financial crisis, investments in government bonds become worthless, life insurance becomes worthless, your digital assets in the bank account become worthless, all "paper promises" become worthless and all credit and debit cards also stop working.

Are you prepared?

No one can say when the time will come, but history has shown that all paper money systems have always come to an end at some point. As a rule, there are many signs and signals long before such a financial crisis with the collapse of currencies. We've been seeing these signals for a number of years, but unfortunately most people don't recognize these signals. Signals, such as the government increasingly tightening control over its citizens' finances, or reducing legal cash transactions, or planning to abolish cash, or scrapping laws protecting life insurers' customers, or expropriating customers' savings of banks, or the zero interest rate policy of the central banks, soon maybe also negative interest rates, or the massive money increase of the central banks (quantitative easing) worldwide, etc., etc. These are all very clear indications that our global financial system has reached the end of its life and only with it constant emergency measures can be kept alive. And despite these many clear signals, the vast majority of people do not see what is coming. In the past, people have always been stunned by the proverbial "nothing" after their paper currency collapsed. And unfortunately it will be the same again this time.

There is only one safe way to save one's fortune (big or small), one's belongings, through such a financial crisis. With real tangible assets and preferably with mobile tangible assets that can also be transported across national borders if necessary. This definitely does not include real estate to which the state will always have access! Real mobile assets are only physical silver, physical gold and physical platinum, just physical precious metals. You can only protect yourself against such and other catastrophes by owning physical silver, platinum or gold. In the past, precious metals have usually increased in price by a factor of 10 to 20 in such crises, while almost all other "values" have become practically worthless. If you take this as a basis for the coming financial crisis, then you should invest at least 5%, better 10% of your assets in physical precious metals. This will secure you and your family for the future. If everything you own becomes worthless and your physical precious metals increase in value tenfold or even twentyfold, you'll be in just as good a post-crisis position as you were before the crisis. But only if you hold 5% or 10% of your assets in physical precious metals respectively. 99.9% of all people will not be so farsighted and will lose everything. If you are not able to convert 5% to 10% of your wealth into physical bullion, then just start with a smaller amount and try to steadily grow your bullion wealth. It is important that you start immediately and do not postpone this task until tomorrow or later. The collapse of the financial system and its currencies will certainly not happen tomorrow, but maybe in the next few years. Nobody can predict when the big crash will come, maybe not until 2025, maybe not until 2030. This is not that important either, it is more important that you prepare for it now, because "the day after" it may already be too late. Therefore, it is best to prepare yourself now so that you are already prepared.

Bullion Services offers you the opportunity to buy physical precious metals such as silver, platinum and gold in Canada and store them there via Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. in high-security warehouses outside the banking sector. You become 100% beneficial and legal owner of the precious metals you purchase. You are not purchasing "paper promises" but real physical precious metals. Your bullion is stored in the high security warehouse, in a separate sealed container, separate from other customers' bullion and is fully insured. If you wish, you can come to Canada and look at your precious metals in person, in the high-security storage facility. You can even touch, count and photograph your precious metals. You have the option to buy or sell precious metals at any time. If you wish, we can send your precious metals to another high security warehouse in another country.

Your personal wealth in the form of physical bullion, stored in a 24-hour secured, high-security warehouse in Canada, one of the safest countries in the world, should be an integral part of your wealth. This protects and protects you and your family from periodic fiat money system crashes and other crises.


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