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No energy transition without precious metals!

Precious metals are the basis for an energy transition.

Solar systems, wind turbines, electromobility - without precious metals there will be no energy transition. Above all, silver is needed for the energy transition. This is mainly because silver is by far the best electrical conductor of all metals. Silver is installed in solar systems in particular, and sensors and chips also work much more efficiently with silver.

In almost all major countries, the transition from the combustion engine to electric mobility is being pushed ahead. About twice as much silver is used in every electric car as in cars with internal combustion engines. However, the greatest demand for silver is currently still in the solar industry, which is also growing rapidly. In 2018, the American Silver Institute estimated that more than 800 million troy ounces of silver will be processed in solar production alone by 2030. Directly behind, in second place, is electromobility, where over 700 million ounces of silver will be needed by 2030.

Silver finds its application in thousands of products and processes and is an essential element for function almost everywhere. In addition, by 2030 alone, more than 1.5 billion troy ounces or more than 46,000 tons of silver will be used for environmentally friendly technologies. The average annual production of silver from all mines worldwide is about 800 million troy ounces. It is therefore not surprising that the silver industry is expecting strong demand and prices to continue to rise.

Platinum is being used more and more in the hydrogen sector and plays a particularly important role in fuel cells. Platinum is also increasingly being used in catalytic converter construction, where it is increasingly displacing the much more expensive palladium. Platinum comes mainly from Russia and South Africa and thus from rather unstable regions. This makes platinum, for the moment, a rather speculative investment.

Against the background of the problems in our financial system and uncertainties at banks, many people are increasingly asking themselves where they can still safely invest their money. There is a lot to be said for physical silver as one of the best investments of the next few years, as it plays a major role and is becoming increasingly important for the energy transition and technical progress. An investment in physical silver can be viewed as an investment in the future and as insurance against any conceivable crisis that may arise anywhere in the world.

Bullion Services offers you the opportunity to buy physical precious metals such as silver, platinum and gold in Canada and store them there via Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. in high-security warehouses outside the banking sector. You become 100% beneficial and legal owner of the precious metals you purchase. You are not purchasing "paper promises" but real physical precious metals. Your bullion is stored in the high security warehouse, in a separate sealed container, separate from other customers' bullion and is fully insured. If you wish, you can come to Canada and look at your precious metals in person, in the high-security storage facility. You can even touch, count and photograph your precious metals. You have the option to buy or sell precious metals at any time. If you wish, we can send your precious metals to another high security warehouse in another country.

Your personal wealth in the form of physical precious metal, stored in a 24-hour secured, high-security warehouse in Canada, one of the safest countries in the world, should be an integral part and foundation of your wealth. This protects and protects you and your family from periodic fiat money system crashes and other crises.


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