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Prices for universal packages:

Universal package UN-TINY = 82.265,75 EUR == 122,213.94 CAD
5 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 15 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 15 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 5 pieces 1oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-XS = 174.823,22 EUR == 259,717.27 CAD
12 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 25 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 25 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 15 pieces 1oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-S = 360.992,97 EUR == 536,290.93 CAD
25 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 50 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 50 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 1 piece 1kg Gold Bar

Universal package UN-M = 878.996,29 EUR == 1,305,836.31 CAD
50 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 100 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 100 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 2 pieces 1kg Gold Bars + 5 pieces 10oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-L = 1.780.792,90 EUR == 2,645,544.76 CAD
100 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 250 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 150 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 5 pieces 1kg Gold Bars + 5 pieces 10oz Gold Bars + 5 pieces 5oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-XL = 3.941.249,43 EUR == 5,855,117.56 CAD
250 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 500 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 500 pieces 10oz Silver Bars + 250 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 10 pieces 1kg Gold Bars + 10 pieces 10oz Gold Bars + 10 pieces 5oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-MEGA = 8.119.504,69 EUR == 12,062,330.83 CAD
500 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 1.000 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 1.000 pieces 10oz Silver Bars + 500 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 20 pieces 1kg Gold Bars + 20 pieces 10oz Gold Bars + 25 pieces 5oz Gold Bars + 50 pieces 1oz Gold Bars

Universal package UN-ULTRA = 18.886.426,04 EUR == 28,057,662.11 CAD
1.500 pieces 100oz Silver Bars + 1.500 pieces 1kg Silver Bars + 1.500 pieces 10oz Silver Bars + 1.000 pieces 1oz Platinum Bars + 50 pieces 1kg Gold Bars + 50 pieces 10oz Gold Bars + 50 pieces 5oz Gold Bars + 100 pieces 1oz Gold Bars

Last price update was on 15.07.2024 at 11:30:50 (CET)
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Whenever possible, we try to store precious metal bars from well-known and well-known manufacturers such as the Royal Canadian Mint or the Perth Mint for our customers. The products of these manufacturers guarantee continuous and high quality and purity.

Material Silver, Platinum, Gold
Purity: 99,9% (999) - 99,99% (9999)

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is a Canadian Crown Corporation, a state-owned corporation that manufactures all Canadian coins and precious metal products. The first coin was minted in 1908 and since then RCM has built an excellent reputation for minting coins and bars around the world. Today RCM has the best technical possibilities and continuously sets new standards in the design and quality of its products. For this reason in particular, the Royal Canadian Mint is also the first choice for many states when it comes to producing their own coins. The Royal Canadian Mint produces the coins of more than 70 foreign currencies.
Furthermore, commemorative coins as well as silver and gold coins, including the well-known Maple Leaf coins, are produced.
The Mint was originally founded in 1908 as a branch of Britain's Royal Mint. In 1931 it came under the control of the Canadian Treasury. It has been self-employed as the Crown Corporation since 1969 and has to finance itself through profits. Finally, in 1971, the Winnipeg location was opened. The mint for circulation coins, in Winnipeg, has an area of 14,864 m².
In 2007, a limited-edition, six-piece version of the Gold Maple Leaf coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, weighing 100 kg and having a face value of CAD 1 million. One coin has remained in the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2008, each of these coins had a collector's value of around two million euros. One of them, which was part of the insolvency estate of Carinthian AvW Invest AG, was bought at auction on June 25, 2010 for 3.27 million euros by the Spanish precious metal trading house Oro Direct. Another was owned by Canada's Queen Elizabeth II, pictured on the obverse, two in the United Arab Emirates and another coin was privately owned until 2017. The latter had been on loan in the Bode Museum in Berlin since 2010 and was stolen there on the night of March 27, 2017. The responsible investigative authorities assume that the coin was divided and the pieces were sold.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is the oldest operating mint in Australia, located in the city of Perth. The foundation stone was laid by Sir John Forrest in 1896 and operations began in 1899 as a department of the Royal Mint in London.
The Perth Mint operates its own goldsmith and refinery and today produces various products from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These include Sovereign, the Lunar series in gold and silver, the well-known silver coin Kookaburra, the platinum coin Koala and gold bars. The Perth Mint remained under British law until 1 July 1970, after which it became a legal part of the Government of Western Australia and has been 100% government owned ever since.
By the year 2000, a total of 4,500 tons of gold had been processed in the mint. This corresponds to approximately 3.25% of all gold processed worldwide. The Perth Mint primarily mints bullion coins, but also casts and mints bullion and manufactures precious metal jewelry.
In October 2011, the Perth Mint produced the largest and heaviest gold coin to date, beating the previous record set by the Royal Canadian Mint. The coin is almost 80cm in diameter, approximately over 12cm thick, weighs around 1012kg (1.012 tons) and is made of 24k gold (99.99%). The coin features a red kangaroo on one side and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The coin is legal tender in Australia with a face value of AUD 1 million. However, the gold value at the time of minting was 53.5 million Australian dollars.